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Dr. Ayesha S

Nutrition and Dietetics course

  • 1 h
  • From 300 Indian rupees
  • Ready Care

Service Description

Dr Ayesha S is a registered dietitian who specializes in nutrition and dietetics. As a dietitian, she provides personalized nutrition plans to her clients based on their unique needs and factors such as age, gender, medical history, and lifestyle. Dr Ayesha S is experienced in helping individuals manage their weight, prevent chronic diseases, and maintain optimal health. She educates her clients on healthy eating habits, portion control, and physical activity, which are essential for successful weight management. Dr Ayesha S also provides nutrition guidance to cancer patients to help them maintain adequate nutrition and manage treatment side effects. Moreover, she helps individuals with diabetes plan healthy meals that maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Overall, Dr Ayesha S plays a crucial role in empowering her clients to make informed food choices for optimal health. Diet Chart for 1 Month -Personalized Assessment: Understand dietary preferences and health goals. - Balanced Meal Plans: Tailored diet plan with essential nutrients. - Calorie Control: Carefully calculated calorie recommendations. - Portion Control: Guidelines on appropriate food portions. - Food Group Recommendations: Specify servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein sources, and healthy fats. - Meal Timings: Suggested meal timings and number of meals/snacks per day. - Hydration Guidance: Emphasize the importance of proper hydration. - Dietary Modifications: Adjustments for specific dietary restrictions or preferences. - Healthy Snack Ideas: List of nutritious snack options. - Monitoring and Support: Available for guidance and addressing questions. Diet Chart for 3 Months - Everything included in the 1-month plan along with these 3 new features. - Progress Evaluation: Periodic assessments to determine effectiveness. - Recipe Suggestions: Offer a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. Diet Chart for 6 Months - Everything included in the 1 month and 3 months plan along with these 2 new features. - Extended Support: Continued personalized guidance throughout. - Maintenance Strategies: Strategies for weight and habit maintenance.

Contact Details

  • Amco Layout, AMCO Colony, Koti Hosahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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